• Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub
  • Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub

Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub



Several years ago in a coffee shop, five friends had a drink and an idea: a humble coffee scrub. Their mission was to remove the hyperbole that saturates the skincare industry and make clean skincare fun. So they called me frank and I've been getting babes dirty ever since. That simple, that good.

  • Vacation-glowing skin? Right this way, babe. Coconut Coffee Scrub is natural and vegan, here to give your body a post-vacay glow all year round.
  • With a gentle blend of exfoliating coffee grinds and caring essential oils like grapeseed and jojoba, I’ll work my magic on breakouts, scars, cellulite, and stretch marks.
  • Go loco for my coconut scent while I buff and smooth dry skin to leave you as free as a palm tree.