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  • Camel Silk Top
  • Camel Silk Top

Camel Silk Top



VUJVUJ is a Lithuanian nightwear brand based in Vilnius and founded by two fashion designers, in 2012. VUJ VUJ concept is to believe that fashion should inspire, be versatile and unique. Brand is dedicated to stylish and elegant women who love night time as well as quality and luxury of silk. Perfect for lounging, traveling & sleeping. Ethically made and sustainable. 

  • 100​% natural italian slip silk.
  • Handmade.
  • Finest quality.
  • Soft and gentle on skin.
  • CARE: Hand wash with in lukewarm water using delicates detergent or dry clean. Do not trumble dry. Don't spray silk with perfume or deodorant  . Don't spray silk with water while ironing . Don't treat individual stains with water. Always iron the backside only.