• Frank Body Express-o Scrub
  • Frank Body Express-o Scrub

Frank Body Express-o Scrub



Several years ago in a coffee shop, five friends had a drink and an idea: a humble coffee scrub. Their mission was to remove the hyperbole that saturates the skincare industry and make clean skincare fun. So they called me frank and I've been getting babes dirty ever since. That simple, that good.

  • Got 3 minutes to glow? Meet my natural and vegan Express-o Coffee Scrub.
  • My first-ever no mess body scrub. Made with a whipped texture, it’s everything you love about my cult favourite Original Coffee Scrub, minus the clean-up.
  • My blend of exfoliating coffee grinds, deeply hydrating shea butter, and detoxifying white clay will whip dry skin into shape, and leave your shower just how you like it.
  • Clean, except for me. Use me in a pinch to get you smooth & glowing, like all quickies should.