• Haan Carrot Kick Hand Cream + Refill
  • Haan Carrot Kick Hand Cream + Refill
  • Haan Carrot Kick Hand Cream + Refill

Haan Carrot Kick Hand Cream + Refill



Haan is part of a new generation of companies that want to build a better future for the planet and humanity. Our prebiotic hand cream has arrived to provide the deep nourishment you’ve been looking for. Made from 96% natural ingredients and plant-extracts, this premium formula feeds the skin to keep it balanced, nourished and glowy. And once your bottle is done, you can refill it and extend its life up to 3 times to keep your skin taken care of for longer.

  • Product content:  hand cream - 50 ml, refill - 150ml.
  • 96% Ingredients of Natural Origin: Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Hemi-Squalene
  • Freshly picked & earthy smelling carrots paired with a slight touch of
    sweetness. Tumeric adds a spicy kick to boost your immune system while sandalwood gives a rich and creamy note to finish scent.
  • Ideal for soothing dry complexions, these lightweight ingredients absorbs quickly delivering intense moisture and providing a silky and elegant finish.
  • Recycled & Recyclable (can be refilled)