• Haan Sanitizer MS + Hand Cream FF
  • Haan Sanitizer MS + Hand Cream FF

Haan Sanitizer MS + Hand Cream FF



Haan is part of a new generation of companies that want to build a better future for the planet and humanity. Haan designs and markets personal care products, reinventing products of traditional industries with a unique DNA. А Margarita Spirit HAAN Pocket in a combination with your new Fig Fizz cream for truly clean and healthy skin. This famous drink now in an even fresher combination with our green fig cream are here to become your next must have.

  • Set comes with: Fig Fizz Hand Cream and Margarita Spirit Hand Sanitizer
  • Recycled & Recyclable (can be refilled)
  • Hand cream: Green and juicy figs are paired with red hot pimentos to give that unexpected whimsical scent twist. Vanilla-like balsamic notes are brought thanks to tonka beans, the perfect ingredient for this fizzy delight.
  • Sanitizer: Bright, uplifting and refreshing citruses are wrapped in a heart of orange blossom and mellowed by soft woods.