• Home And Body Kit
  • Home And Body Kit
  • Home And Body Kit
  • Home And Body Kit
  • Home And Body Kit

Home And Body Kit



At EQUA we believe in creating a better tomorrow with sustainable products. Sustainable Body & Home care products that are proven to work just like the ones you have at home. Only difference is, they don't harm your skin or the future of the planet. EQUA CARE uses only the cleanest natural ingredients - safe for your skin & surroundings. Scent blends are made from natural essential oils and extracts, leaving no room for synthetic fragrances.

  • All four essentials at your fingertips to treat your skin and your living space in the most respectful and eco-friendly way.
  • Kit includes:
    HANDS – Foaming hand soap dispenser – 350 ml & 2 scented refills
    BODY – Shower gel dispenser – 360 ml & 2 scented refills
    HOME – Home cleaning spray bottle – 345 ml & 2 scented refills
    DISHES – Dish soap dispenser – 380 ml & 2 scented refills