• Just Messin Nose Cuff Silver
  • Just Messin Nose Cuff Silver
  • Just Messin Nose Cuff Silver

Just Messin Nose Cuff Silver


NO MORE is an urban jewelry brand for ladies & gents that was created out of a passion for handcrafting timeless jewelry pieces with attention to sustainability and quality. The creators said NO MORE to mass production and fast fashion and are committed to you to create great designs with exceptional care while keeping mother earth happy.

  • Hey mom, I just got my nose pierced! Chill ma, I'm Just Messin'.
  • The nose cuffs aka fake/faux nose rings are made by hand from tiny, 1mm thick sterling silver square wire
  • Outside diameter is 9.5mm
  • TIP: You can adjust the fit slightly with your fingers. Once the size is adjusted, try not to change the fit every time you put it on. Silver is a soft metal and it can loose it's shape or even brake if you bend and twist it often.