• LECLER Reusable Paraffin Foot Mask

LECLER Reusable Paraffin Foot Mask



Lecler – (le cle – French – key) it is the key to beauty, elegance, and self-love. During the development of Lecler, two friends carefully selected the active ingredients and their appropriate doses based on scientific literature and clinical trial data. 

  • Paraffin foot mask intensely moisturizes sensitive, dry skin of the feet, at the same time prevents moisture from evaporating, protects from cracking and drying out. Paraffin foot mask - socks soften, nourish, protect tired, cracked foot skin.
  • Especially useful for prone to dry cracked foot skin.
  • Warm paraffin foot mask acts as a heat therapy, improves blood circulation, warms the legs, relaxes muscles.
  • After the mask, the skin becomes soft and smooth.
  • This foot mask is reusable. Re-mask can be used as long as there is paraffin, a minimum of 4-5 times.