• Skin Gym Cryo Stainless Steel Facial Roller
  • Skin Gym Cryo Stainless Steel Facial Roller

Skin Gym Cryo Stainless Steel Facial Roller



Skin Gym is an innovative beauty brand that fits right into your active lifestyle, drawing on ancient beauty techniques to provide modern beauty tools. Used by everybody from A-list celebrities to estheticians, brand's non-invasive tools are more than just a beauty shot on Instagram. These skincare essentials encourage you to discover every curve and contour of your face while keeping up with the trends and providing the best in modern skincare.  Skip the needles and fancy equipment and take beauty into your own hands, facial tool at a time. 

  • Kickstart your morning skincare routine with the Cryo Stainless Steel Facial Roller! Designed with 100% stainless steel, this roller will give your skin an instant glow. The Cryo Stainless Steel Roller, a naturally cool material, is a convenient and almost instant way to reap the benefits of cold therapy without the hassle.
  • To clean your roller, simply wipe with gentle soap and water. Dry thoroughly.